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Living Cocktails

Bugsy's BarBugsy's Bar

Pařížská 10
110 00  Praha 1
(entrance from Kostečná st.)



(+420) 840 BUGSYS
(+420) 840 284 797


Mo-Su 19:00-02:00


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Certificate of Excellence 2019 Winner TripAdvisor Bugsy's Bar

Bugsy's Bar Living Cocktails Praha

The weather, politics and presidents have come and gone as many other things in life, but one thing stays the same and that is Bugsy's bar. A fixed point in mixological universe, from which you can control our cocktail planet.

During the last decade I have had a drink in bars all over this planet but I am always anxious to return for my Gimlet to Bugsy's bar. With this cocktail, strong as a bulldozer and icy as death itself, I am ready to remember the future of cocktails being prepared day after day, month after month, year after year by men and women with the Bugsy's Bar spirit beating in their hearts.

Alex Mikšovic
Bartender Emeritus

Bugsy`s DNA Gin
The year 007 by Bugsy`s bar